Trojan Horse Of Love

The Trojan Horse of Love is the heartfelt story of 20 tiny clusters of leaders who have created a powerful new method of innovation to manifest sustainability over the last 30 years based on love, trust, and generosity.

KINS Method

Tipping Point Network


Finca Sagrada

(Sacred Land Farm) is an intentional community located in a powerful Andean Valley in Southern Ecuador.

Virtual KINS – 2013

A Description of the Virtual KINS

By Susan Davis Moora,

December 12, 2012

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A “Virtual KINS” network is a group of 15 widely diverse people meeting regularly by phone for 1.5 hours which recreates the high-vibration energy field of a KINS Innovation Network (see  Member use the Law of Intention to manifest magical breakthroughs for the members’ life missions.

Each member commits to exemplify KINS as described in A KINS Primer, using the KINS Operating Principles to create and maintain the energy field resulting in such breakthroughs, as described therein.

Qualities of Members

Each member subscribes to the belief that “we are all one, living in abundance” rather than the traditional belief that all people are in competition for scarce resources.   Research shows that, if members have not done the inner work that leads to the recognition of our spiritual connection, they can present themselves as victims within the group, which reduces the energy field of joy that leads to success.

What Does a “Virtual KINS” Call Feel Like?

Members create a field of wondrous possibilities for themselves and each other by doing what they love to do and do well to joyfully manifest their life purpose.   By inviting Spirit to co-create with them, they begin looking for the magical serendipities by which Spirit manifests to humanity…and they find them!

Elements of the Virtual KINS

The Law of Intention

Members use the Spiritual Law of Intention to manifest their joyful life purposes.  They  know that when they gather their energies behind these powerful  intentions, they call in universal forces that produce dramatic results.  They also know that the more of us put up exactly the same intentions, the likelihood of them manifesting increases exponentially (see the work of Lynne McTaggart).

Manifesting Their Joyful Life Purposes

When members gather to manifest their joyful life purposes, they find they can be immensely helpful to others who are also manifesting theirs.  A special energy field is created that results in delicious creative breakthroughs.

Creating Their Affirmations

Members create the very short affirmation (less than 12 words) that best captures their destiny path…and is inspiring, daunting and measurable.

Using Meditation to Create a High-Vibration Energy Field

Each call is started with a meditation led by a member gifted in leading meditations, as the key success factor for a Virtual KINS is creating and holding a high vibration  energy field.  Depending on skill levels, all members can rotate offering meditations or the members most effective in leading them can repeat this role.

Equal Time At The Mike

Members take turns creating the agendas and facilitating calls and take “equal time at the mike” when giving up-dates to each other.

Creating a Slide Show

Each Member creates a slide to be included in a ‘Slide Show’ with their name and affirmation on a beautiful visual that best captures their intention.  These are put together into one Slide Show that everyone views together during each call.

Identifying Limiting Beliefs

Members co-create a summary of the limiting beliefs that most sabotage their achieving their affirmations and then do the inner work necessary to dissolve the limitations, enjoying and learning from each others’ successes.

The Structure of the Call

Each call begins with a private time for centering (starting ten minutes before the scheduled call time) and then a member-guided meditation is followed by everyone viewing the slide show so that everyone can focus their intention on the manifestation of each other’s affirmations.  Then there is a go-around in which each person has 3-4 minute to share in turn.   Each member says what serendipity manifested in support of their mission since the last call, as well as the progress they made on dissolving their limiting beliefs.  This sets the stage for a collaborative conversation about their highest possibilities.

Collaborative Discussions

As the KINS energy field rises, members set topics for collaborative discussions on topics of their choice, such as:

  • How can we leverage our missions with each others?
  • How have we overcome limiting beliefs by learning from each other?
  • What valuable contacts and information have we enjoyed from each other?
  • What global developments are we sensing?   How do they affect us?


Special Offerings

Some members may choose to connect outside of the regularly scheduled calls for:

  • Coaching
  • In-person visiting
  • Co-creating initiatives – (Note that the Virtual KINS itself was co-created by the first one, the Destiny Funding Circle.)
  • Collaboration Around Initiatives


Personal Responsibility and Commitments

  • Members agree to use the KINS Operating Principles
  • Members call in 10 minutes before a call to use the silence to center themselves and create an intention for the network’s highest possibilities to manifest on the call.
  • Members take turns facilitating calls and reporting results.
  • Members agree to use and point out successes using the KINS Operating Principles


Members often live on different continents so calls must start early in one of them, usually Pacific time.  Ideally, a Maestro-type technology is used.  Someone must take responsibility for putting together the Slide Show and setting up call processes.


While the first two virtual KINS networks were offered by Susan Davis pro bono, future such networks are free to set their own fees.

Existing Models of Virtual KINS Networks

Destiny Funding Circle

In January of 2011, members of this first group set fund-raising goals for their life missions and expressed satisfaction nine months later when they felt complete.

KINS 4 All

In January of 2012, members of Four Years Go adopted the Virtual KINS model and supported each other in manifesting their life missions, as well as creating a model to spread KINS Innovation Networks.  They designed an 8-day “Teaching KINS” program for KINS Founding Organizers that attendees rated highly.  They attracted $100,000 in funding to create a new division of Green America called, “Spreading KINS Networks.”  Managed by Susan Davis, Marilyn Levin serves as Founding Organizer of Spreading KINS Networks, which began operations January 1, 2013.  Meanwhile, KINS 4 All continues today.