Trojan Horse Of Love

The Trojan Horse of Love is the heartfelt story of 20 tiny clusters of leaders who have created a powerful new method of innovation to manifest sustainability over the last 30 years based on love, trust, and generosity.

KINS Method

Tipping Point Network


Finca Sagrada

(Sacred Land Farm) is an intentional community located in a powerful Andean Valley in Southern Ecuador.

Double Bottom Line Simulation Conference 2001

Executive Committee

This Committee has guided the development of the conference over a four year period. Making A Profit While Making A Difference will next be held in May 2002.

Burt Alimansky
Managing Director
Alimansky Capital Group, Inc
Mark Antoncic
Senior Managing Director
SSgA/The Tuckerman Group
Alton Bathrick
Allied Capital
Joan Bavaria
Trillium Asset Management
Shari Berenbach
Executive Director
Calvert Foundation
David Berge
Social Investment Forum
Joseph Black
Program Director
So. Development Bancorporation
Bradley J. Carver
SafeScience, Inc.
Jeffrey D. Cohodes
Senior Vice President
The Northern Trust Company
Michael DeFeo
Citizens Funds
Linda Descano
Smith Barney Asset Management
Jerome L. Dodson
Parnassus Investments
Amy Domini
Loring Wolcott & Coolidge
Mark Donohue
SafeScience, Inc.
Edward Dugger, III
UNC Partners, Inc.
Cliff Feigenbaum
GreenMoney Journal
C. Austin Fitts
Solari, Inc.
Tony Francel
Director of Investor Relations
Kafus Industries Ltd.
George Gay
First Affirmative Financial Network
Kimberly Gluck
State Street Global Advisors
Karen Goldman
Merrill Lynch Defined Asset Fund
Alisa Gravitz
Co-Op America
Anita Green
Director of Social Research
Pax World Fund Family
Farha Joyce Haboucha
Rockefeller & Co., Inc.
Elizabeth Harris
Vice President
UNC Partners, Inc.
Suzanne Harvey
Social Investment Research Service
Jamie Heard
Proxy Monitor
Hazel Henderson
Author, Economist
and Futurist
Paul Hilton
Co-Portfolio Manager
The Dreyfus Corporation
Tamara Jensen
Roxbury Capital Management
W. Randall Jones
Capital Publishing
Diane Keefe
VP, Portfolio Manager
Pax World Fund Family
Thomas Kuh, Ph. D.
Director of Business Development
Kinder, Lydenberg, Domini & Co.
Barbara Krumsiek
President and CEO
Calvert Group
Deborah Momsen-Hudson
Investment Marketing Coordinator
Self-Help Credit Union
Gary Moore
Gary Moore & Co.
James R. O’Mara
President and CEO
Atlas Resources, Inc.
Ann Partlow
Rockefeller & Co., Inc.
Nancy Paxton
DEVCAP Shared Return Fund
Jean Pogge
Senior Vice President
South Shore Bank
Dianne Saenz
Manager of Social Policy
Calvert Group
Steve J. Schueth
First Affirmative Financial Network
Jane Siebels-Kilnes
Chief Investment Officer
Green Cay Asset Management
Tim Smith
Sr. VP, Director of SRI
Walden Asset Management
David Spina
President and COO
State Street Corp.
Donald B. Trone
President and CEO
Investment Management Council
George Walker
Friends Ivory & Sime, Inc.
Julius Washington
Vice President
The Northern Trust Company
David Wieder
Managing Principal
Domini Social Investmnts LLC