Trojan Horse Of Love

The Trojan Horse of Love is the heartfelt story of 20 tiny clusters of leaders who have created a powerful new method of innovation to manifest sustainability over the last 30 years based on love, trust, and generosity.

KINS Method

Tipping Point Network


Finca Sagrada

(Sacred Land Farm) is an intentional community located in a powerful Andean Valley in Southern Ecuador.

President, Capital Missions Company

Susan Davis left a Division Administrator position for Harris Bank’s Personal Trust Group after nine years to start Capital Missions Company (CMC) in June of 1990.   CMC created an innovation method highly effective in social investing and other niches of sustainability using principles of generosity and trust.  From 1965 to 1979, Susan helped start five social ventures: Boston’s black newspaper under publisher Melvin Miller (1965); an urban affairs publishing firm under John Naisbitt (1968); the country’s first minority enterprise publication (1969); the first national publication for working women (1969); and ShoreBank Corp. (1973). Susan launched the Development Deposit Program at ShoreBank (now Urban Partnership Bank) as one of first  US “cause-related marketing programs.”

Ms. Davis used these experiences in business and finance to create this unique networking innovation method now proven successful with 26 networks created over a 35-year period. This method, called KINS Innovation Networks, uses nature as a model for innovation following a simple 7-step method anchored by 30 people from 30 diverse constituencies.

KINS has been used to create a social venture capital industry (Investors’ Circle), a socially-responsible business industry (Social Venture Network) and a family office industry (Harris Family Office Management Conference). KINS has proved effective to target business parity for women (Committee of 200), to “make solar happen for the world” (Solar Circle) and to create a better mousetrap for venture capital (Solaria Investors’ Circle).

It has been successful in catapulting women into top financial management spots (Chicago Finance Exchange), in catalyzing civic activity in a major city (The Chicago Network), in introducing microfinance into Nigeria (Growing Businesses Network) and in showcasing social investment products (the “Making A Profit While Making A Difference “Conference).

It has been used to teach wealthy women finance (Financial Forum), teach social investing to institutional investors (Triple Bottom Line Simulation), teach women investors to invest in women-led businesses (Capital Circle), teach business leaders Earth care (Kindred Spirits Network) and create a whole systems approach for sustainability (Tipping Point Network). In the above efforts, Susan Davis has served as the Founding Organizer, except for SVN, which she served as a founding board member.

In 2007, Susan took a health-required 3-year sabbatical in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, where she and her husband, biodynamic farmer Walter Moora, used KINS and funding from to model how a town’s leaders could help take their town green and resilient. Susan also wrote a book, The Trojan Horse of Love, to teach others how to start KINS networks through telling the KINS stories. Susan gifts this book from her heart on this website, rather than selling it.

After a traumatic attack and beating by armed commandos in their home in 2009, Susan and Walter decided to become global nomads for a year, traveling pro bono to U.S. towns to teach KINS and biodynamic farming to help the towns go green, sharing the Vilcabamba story. Today they continue to advise such groups, speaking and giving workshops in both the U.S. and on their Ecuador farm, an intercultural Biodynamic self-supporting intentional community (see Sacred Land Farm at

Susan received a B.A. cum laude in Russian from Brown University in 1963 and did graduate work in anthropology at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1965-66. Her entrepreneurial tutoring came from her father, who grew the Bancroft Racket Company from a small to a large enterprise. Susan and Walter have daughters Eve, Blake and Julia and a son, David.

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